About Us

What Makes Collaborell Unique

We are a best practices firm that uses a combination of consulting and technology to improve the performance of healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.

The Collaborell Difference

Collaborell is a team of diverse and dedicated healthcare and technology professionals.  From clinicians to data scientists Collaborell is here to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges and make an obvious impact.  Collaborell brings breakthrough technology and unparalleled healthcare understanding and expertise to our clients. 

The Collaborell Mission

We at Collaborell have a mission to dramatically accelerate the incorporation of sophisticated analytics and technology in healthcare delivery and management. New MACRA legislation is driving a fundamental change in provider compensation and responsibilities for care and outcomes of entire populations and Collaborell willl lead this transformation.

We at Collaborell will bring ‘break through’ technology and capabilities to the entire healthcare continuum of care. We will accelerate positive change and provide our solutions with far more value-oriented economics and pricing then any competitor.


Collaborell technology is a completely unique and proprietary set of cloud-based data management and analytics platforms and tools. The Collaborell Cloud includes the entire Collaborell Solution Stack and functions as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

The Collaborell tools and Cloud are flexible and scalable and have a substantial history of superior performance. We welcome any opportunity to discuss the advantages and competitors. There is simply no comparison on price or capability for the Collaborell Cloud.